Sometimes I've Tried Forgetting
by Greg Wright, November 15, 2001
Music by Greg Wright, November 13, 2004

Christmas 1999

Sometimes I've tried forgetting,
All the joy that used to be.
The days of fun and laughter,
Of you playing catch with me.
My heart it gets so heavy,
Almost falling to despair.
It hurts so much to miss you,
Almost more than I can bear.

And oh it makes me hunger,
Groaning deep within in my heart.
For when we'll be together,
Where we'll never have to part.
And though it hurts recalling,
All the joy we used to share.
I will not try forgetting,
It's a pain that I will bear.

The valley of my memories,
There I still recall your voice.
The times you said you loved me,
For the times I hugged my boy.
And though it hurts me thinking,
That this waiting will be long.
My joy it will be awesome,
When I join in heaven's throng.

Bread's sweeter when you're hungry,
Water's sweeter when you're dry.
Joy's richer after mourning,
Songs of praise from mournful cries.
There's joy that now awaits us,
Growing sweet as time goes by.
Joy greater than my sorrow,
When I hug you in the sky.